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Lake Como Travel Guide App: when the handy comes handy

di Veronica Pozzi

A new app to visit Lecco and its surroundings using the mobile has already been downloaded more than 2 thousand times

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The home page of the app

“Handy”, in German, means mobile phone. And, in the story I am going to share with you now, it is right the mobile that becomes handy for tourists who are visiting Lecco and the lake of Como.

A new app has in fact been launched in July 2014 and it has already gone viral: with more than 2 thousand downloads in just few months, it is the most downloaded travel app of the area. Only the 30% of the downloads is coming from Italy: the rest (44,3%) is coming from the rest of Europe, with the UK at the top position (13,5%) and Germany in the second place (7%). The app has also been downloaded a lot in North America (11,8%).

The app, which is called “Lake Como travel guide app” works in English, German, French, Russian and Italian. And it gives interesting and useful information about what to do in the area, what to visit, whether you prefer unmissable hidden gems or historical monuments. It shows maps and nearby attractions and it also uses geolocalisation via gps so it will be very easy to struggle around even in an area you are not familiar with.

A screenshot taken from the app

It can be downloaded for free from Apple Store (for iOS devices) or from Google Play (for Android devices). It can also be used in the HTML5 web version with smartphone and tablets working with different operating systems. Apart from some links to external websites, the app can be used offline so you won't need a connection to use its contents.

The app is composed by different sections: getting there, museum&monuments, manzonian itineraries, romanesque churches. It also gives info about beaches, where to eat, accommodation, where to go shopping.


Its contents have been created and selected by who loves the territory and is actually living in the area. Marco Rizzelli, who gave birth to the app, is happy to share his passion and knowledge of the area with tourists on the outlook for an alternative and mobile experience on the lake of Como.

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