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Erve starting point for keen walkers mountain

di Viviana Vestrucci

From the small mountain town you can find many scenic trails that lead to the highest peak of Mount Resegone


Erve, the road, carved in the rock of the mountain

Erve is the smallest of the nine villages of the San Martino Valley, the green plain between the cities of Lecco and Bergamo, overlooking the last side of the Lake Lecco that reminds us of Alessandro Manzoni’s novel “The Betrothed”. Erve (566 m) lies at the bottom of Mount Resegone, the most impressive mountain in the Lecco region, which owes its name to its famous nine peaks, resembling a saw (“resega” in the local dialect), with the highest peak being Cermenati at 1,875m. Erve is a quiet, almost unspoiled village intersected by the Galavesa creek, with the houses lined up in a single line on both sides of the stream, connected by small bridges, the oldest one, a humpback bridge, welcoming the visitors at the village entrance.

Erve’s ancient origins are testified to by the Medieval rural settlement of Nesolio dating back to XIII – XIV century which, according to the tradition, was built by some French people named Rubier or Roubey, who probably came to Italy following an army. Nesolio is located on the right-hand side of the village and it is worthwhile visiting for its architectural value. Another of Erve’s relevant features is the road connecting to Rossino, inaugurated in September 1911, thereby removing Erve from its century-long isolation, as until then only two steep paths allowed one to reach the village.

The road, carved in the rock of the mountain and overhanging a 150m cliff with Galavesa creek flowing at the bottom, provides visitors with an astonishing, breathtaking view. Erve is a good starting point for excursions towards the peak of Mount Resegone along simple beginner-level tracks or more difficult paths and via ferratas. The view from there spans from the Grigne and Lariane Alps to the Brianza lakes, the Mount Bianco, the Mount Rosa, the Cervino and the Piedmont Alps, the plains and the Apennines and the Alpine foothills of Bergamo. A nice walk takes trekkers from Erve to the Rifugio Capanna Alpinisti Monzesi (1,173 m) in less than 2 hours, along path n. 11, from the northern end of the village, passing by a small spring and a fountain (Fontana San Carlo) and then going up among woods and rocks. Capanna Alpinisti Monzesi is a mountain dew, built between 1909 and 1911 by Società Alpinisti Monzesi (SAM), a non-profit association aimed at promoting social and sporting activities, particularly mountain excursions, alpine climbing and skiing.

The Capanna has a bar and a restaurant, providing good food and refreshments, a wide outside area to rest in the sun and offers accommodation for 40 people. Open every day from mid-June to mid-September, and on Wednesday-Thursday and Saturday-Sunday in the other seasons. Luigi, the Manager, welcomes visitors together with the dog Aki, the Capanna’s official mascot, and two donkeys. (Info: Luigi – tel. Tel: 0341/1880326 Cell. 3386698742 email:

This place is famous for being the arrival of the Monza-Resegone Marathon, a foot race usually taking place at the end of June, with departure at 9.00 pm from Monza Arengario to the finish line from three to six hours later, after a 42km run and a 1,000m height difference. From the Capanna Alpinisti Monzesi experienced walkers can go forth for about two hours to another mountain dew, Rifugio Azzoni, 1,860m, just on the top of Mount Resegone, along a rather challenging path.

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16 Agosto 1924 il cadavere di Giacomo Matteotti, rapito e ucciso da squadristi fascisti nel giugno dello stesso anno, viene ritrovato in un bosco a Riano (Roma)


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